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Kerream Jones

Kerream Jones was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania . Beginning as an illustrator, his younger years were spent creating and emulating cartoon and comic book characters. His interest in painting was not born until his first year of high school. It was in an art class under the guidance of a very enthusiastic art instructor that Kerream was introduced to painting.

With the support and direction of his art instructor, he began to explore various types of techniques and materials. Soon afterwards, he as well as others began to realize the great potential he carried and immediately began to put his talents to work. He entered many contests to which he either won first place or runner up. Wanting to learn art on a professional level, he applied and was later accepted at the Art Institute of Atlanta to study graphic design. At the Art Institute of Atlanta, Kerream explored many areas within his major. He learned how to apply his artwork in many different forms including CD covers, posters, and brochures. After 2 years of attending the Art Institute, he transferred to American Intercontinental University in Atlanta to better his education. Graduating from college, without any hesitation Kerream pursued his dream to be a full time artist in the fine art field.

Today Kerream has succeeded in making his talents work for him. He travels the country exhibiting his work and operating his own fine art and publishing business, Karmaja Art. His paintings have appeared in publications, such as Upscale, Pepsi Black History Calendar, Decor, and Dallas News. In addition, his work is in the hands of private collectors worldwide. Kerream's artwork definitely portrays that of an older soul and gives you an inner look into his world.

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