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Edwin Lester - HIGHLIGHTS

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Great New Thought Provoking piece by Edwin Lester - "Highlights"
My first reaction - The artist is depicting how some nationalities, are trying to mimic certain attributes of the African American race. The "Highlights" in the artwork, such as the hair now changing to dreads, the Black life matters bracelet, the red black and green bracelet. What else could it mean? Well, another person said, it looks like an African American trying to hold on to the month of February calendar, which represents Black History Month. Well that's obvious, but then they say, it's because it's the only bit of heritage the African American still acknowledges, because everything else about the culture, they don't want.


If interested in adding this piece into your home or office, that represents who you are. contact Linda@luvthatart 845-243-0250.

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